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Premier Sober Living Facility

Premier Sober Living Facility

A safe, structured and supportive sober living environment. The Perry Street House is a sober living house conveniently located in the heart of Morristown, NJ. The house was founded by two addicts with solid recovery time and the mother of an addict. Together they shared their experiences to help create a house that they believed.

We wanted to provide a high-quality sober living experience for a more reasonable cost than what other sober living houses were charging for the same services. The Perry Street House is meant to be that place. It is built around the idea that it will accommodate addicts in early recovery that want to get back to living a “normal” life. The Perry Street House has a very clear mission: to provide our residents with a safe environment where they can work on attaining a sober and healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives. Our sober living house provides our residents with an atmosphere of camaraderie and a comfortable living space within a large Victorian home. The house itself is within walking distance to the main shopping district, local NJ 12-step meetings, a movie theater, pool, public transportation, national parks, community college and much more. Obtaining a sober and healthy lifestyle is of paramount importance to our residents, many of whom have faced many hardships due to their addiction. If you want to achieve sobriety and are willing to go to any length for it, we are willing to go to those lengths with you. Our goal is to help each resident upon their journey towards a sober lifestyle that can be maintained for the rest of their lives.

Addicts, alcoholics, anyone suffering from addiction are offered help and assistance by the members of the Perry Street House staff. Becoming and maintaining sobriety takes time and work. Our staff supports each of our residents with a recovery plan and helping them adjust to their new lifestyles. Our residents achieve sobriety through the structure of a personalized recovery plan that is created for their specific needs and circumstances. Recovery plans are based on multiple criteria and take into account each residents’ physical well-being, mental state and spiritual needs.

Morristown, NJ is a perfect setting for an early recovering addict, with a plethora of sober services close by and a robust recovery community. Our residents have access to multiple daily 12-step meetings/groups, intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), psychiatrists, licensed drug & alcohol affiliates, etc... Morristown also has a large base of employment opportunities including retail, clerical, wholesale, food service and much more. Located in the heart of Morris County, NJ, Morristown also offers an abundance of great recreational activities including rock climbing, biking, gyms, hiking, camping and more. It is also a large commuter town where many residents are training or driving to and from New York City and greater metropolis every day.

Many of our sober living house residents have come to us having exhausted all other options – we lay out a simple program and process that has relieved us from the bondage of active addiction. We believe that if they follow this plan with conviction they will find the peace and joy of sobriety like many before them have. Through recovery, we at the Perry Street House have been given a new chance at life. We hope to pass this gift along to our residents so that they too may successfully and safely reintegrate back into their lives.

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